Board Members


Ray Carci

Vice President of Marketing and Development, Special Olympics South Carolina


Born in Washington D.C.

Attended the University of Maryland on a Basketball Scholarship.

Transferred to The Baptist College at Charleston and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Sociology.

Worked with many Social Services agencies, including MUSC Department of Psychiatry, Charleston County Substance Abuse Commission and Dorchester County, before returning to the DC Metro area and starting the Sports Division of Martin Aviation, a jet charter company.

In 1992 accepted a position with ACOG (Atlanta Committee of the Olympic Games) as Venue Director for the Georgia Dome for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

After the Atlanta Games were closed and final paperwork completed, started with Special Olympics South Carolina in 1998 and have been with the organization for almost 18 years.

Daughter- Adrienne Marie Carci 30, resides in Greenville SC.

Former Board of Director; SCANPO, Business Development Clubs of the Midlands and Outside-In Open Art Studio.

Current Board of Director; DC High School Basketball Hall of Fame.

Victor P. Rogers

President of the marketing firm, STRIVE Communications, and Owner of Inspiring Hope Productions, a video creative and production company

Victor Rogers is President of the marketing firm, STRIVE Communications, and Owner of Inspiring Hope Productions, a video creative and production company. He is the Executive Producer of Team of Dreams, a reality TV show that seeks to replace the NBA stars model for USA Basketball with an open tryouts, multi-city tour to find the best unknown basketball talents seeking a second chance. Team of Dreams is in the proposal and consideration stage by several entities.

Victor has been a part of several initiatives promoting and supporting school choice options for inner city families. He continues to work to provide opportunities for all Americans but, especially, for those in underprivileged communities.

Victor played high school basketball for Morton West High School in Berwyn, Illinois – just outside of Chicago. In addition, he played and coached in recreational leagues in the Marine Corps, at the University of Illinois at Chicago and within the Chicago area.

In addition to basketball, his main sports passion is baseball. Playing on the high school, Armed Forces and college level, Victor has thoroughly enjoyed America’s game.

His primary role, however, is that of husband and father. As the father of a special needs child with a plethora of developmental and physical challenges and disabilities, he is dedicated to his family and spending as much time as possible with his disabled son.

3000 Points Club: Archie Talley, Salem 3720 2000 Points Club: Jack Sullivan, Mount Saint Mary 2672, Dave Robinson, Navy 2669, Austin Carr, Notre Dame 2560, Johnny Dawkins, Duke 2556, Jeff Covington, Youngstown State 2424, Carlos Yates, George Mason 2420, Gene Littles,High Point College 2398, Lawrence Moten, Syracuse 2334, Chris McGuthrie. Mount Saint Mary 2297, Greg Saunders, St Bonnies 2238, Louis Bullock, Michigan 2224, Adrian Dantley, Notre Dame 2223, Kenny Saunders, George Mason 2177, Randolph Childress, Wake Forest 2208, Keith Herron, Villanova 2170, Danny Ferry, Duke 2156, Len Bias, Maryland, 2149, Dennis Scott, Georgia Tech 2115, David Hawkins, Temple 2077, Sherman Douglas, Syrcuse 2060, Fred Hentzel, Davidson 2032, Adrian Branch, Maryland 2017 50 Points Club: Archie Talley / Salem College / 11 times / 4 TIMES IN ONE WEEK, Austin Carr/ Notre Dame / 9 times, Elgin Baylor / Seattle / 2 times, Danny Ferry / Duke / 58/ 1time, Will Jones / American University 54 / 1 time, Fred Hetzel / Davidson / 53/ 1 time, Dave Robinson / Navy/ 50 /1time, Jack Sullivan / Mount St.Marys / 50 / 2 times, Jack Sullivan / Mount St.Marys / 40 / 6 times 40 Points Club: Austin Carr / Notre Dame / 23 times, Archie Talley / Salem College / 20 times, Elgin Baylor / Seattle College / 4 times, John Austin / Boston College / 4 times, Fred Hetzel / Davidson College / 4 times, Dave Robinson / Navy / 4 times, Dave Bing / Syracuse / 3 times, Michael Beasley / Kansas State / 3 times, Adrian Dantley / Notre Dame / 3 times, Kenny Carr / Nc State / 3times, Jerry Chambers / Utah / 3 times, Will Jones / American U./ 2 times, Greg Sanders / St Bonnies / 2 times, Bob Lewis / North Carolina /2 times, Scottie Reynolds / Villanova / 2 times, Danny Ferry / Duke / 1 time, Bob Whitmore / Notre Dame / 1 time, Collis Jones / Notre Dame / 1 time, Jeff Covington / Youngstown State / 1 time, Randolph Childress / Wake Forest / 1 time, Ronnie Hogue / Georgia / 1 time, Eugene Oliver / South Alabama / 1 time, Carlos Yates / George Mason / 1 time, Monte Williams / Norte Dame / 1 time, Hawkeye Whitney / Nc. State / 1 time, Lenny Bias / Maryland U / 1 time, David Hawkins / Temple / 1 time, Kermit Washington / American / 1 time, Skeeter Swift / East Tenn.State / 1 time NBA Rookie of Year: Elgin Baylor- Spingarn, Dave Bing- Spingarn, Adrian Dantley- DeMatha, Dave Robinson- Woodbridge, Grant Hill- South Lake, Steve Francis-, Kevin Durant- Montrose Christian NBA Hall Of Fame: Earl Lloyd, Dallas Shirley, Elgin Baylor, Dave Bing, Morgan Wooten, John Thompson Sr., Adrian Dantley Assist Club: Sherman Douglas - Syracuse U. / 22 assist, Kelvin Scarborough - New Mexico / 21 assists, Grayson Marshall - Clemson U. / 20 assists, Jan Panell - Oklahoma U. / 18 assists, Sidney Lowe - N.C. State / 18 assists, Brian Ellerbe - Rutgers U. / 16 assists, Charlie Smith - Georgetown U. / 16 assists, Jay Gallagher - Mount St. Mary’s / 15 assists, Penny Greene - U. of South Florida / 15 assists, Moochie Norris - West Florida / 15 assists, Harold Fox - Jacksonville U. / 14 assists, Stan Washington - San Diego / 14 assists, Toney Ellis - Colorado / 13 assists, Cricket Williams - Jacksonville U. / 13 assists, Michael Jackson - Georgetown / 13 assists, John Duren - Georgetown / 13 assists, Steve Francis - Maryland / 13 assists, Eddie Jordan - Rutgers / 13 assists, Tom Amaker - Duke / 13 assists
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